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Celebration Time "That's-A Spicy Pizza Sauce-A!"

Our second product to market in Nov/2021, our spicy pizza sauce has been a few years in the making! We make our sauce with fresh herbs, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and a variety of Italian seasonings, adding in a good helping of fresh serrano peppers and red pepper flakes for an extra ZING! "That's-A Spicy Pizza Sauce-A!" is not only great for making homemade pizza, but also for dipping your favorite breads and fried snacks, or adding to your favorite marinara sauce for some kicked pasta, meatloaf, and chili! This sauce, paired with our Dressing, Dip, & Marinara, makes for a great hostess, holiday, birthday, or any special occasion gift. 

Celebration Time "That's-A Spicy Pizza Sauce-A!"

SKU: 2001
  • When tasting That's-A Spicy Pizza Sauce-A! , customers will first taste the fresh basil and oregano, then the peppers shortly thereafter. The heat level is low to medium, but will not burn your mouth or cause sweating! 

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