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Shrimp on the Barbie? Nah, just our Shrimpy Summer Salad

Living in North Carolina, we have amazing seafood available throughout the year. Shrimp and Grits are in regular rotation at our house, but hot temperatures don't match up with spicy shrimp and gooey grits. SO, we turn once again to a salad option for something on the lighter side for those hot summer nights.

We made this Shrimp Salad yesterday with cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, green onions, cucumbers, shredded mozzarella, and Celebration Time (just a couple tablespoons for this one). I seasoned the shrimp in some spicy Cajun mix and stir fried them in a caste iron skillet for about 5 minutes total. Added those to the salad and lunch was ready in less than 10 minutes...and delicious to boot!


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