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Bannerman Vineyard - welcome to the Celebration!!!

Due to substantial shipping costs from our red wine vinegar supplier on the West Coast and our need to lower production costs wherever possible, Celebration Time spent the winter and spring of this year searching for a NC-based winery that happened to also make RWV from the red grapes that don't quite measure up for wine production. Thanks to our friends at NC Specialty Foods and a series of samples, testing, conference calls, and more sampling, we were finally able to identify a wonderful red wine vinegar that passed our personal taste inspection and is now being used in all batches of our Dressing, Dip, & Marinade. We can now say to our customers that ALL of our fresh ingredients (including red wine vinegar) are sourced from farmers and vendors in North Carolina!

Below is a photo of Bannerman Vineyards. They are located in Burgaw, NC, just 30 miles west of Wilmington and some of the most beautiful beaches in the state. They sell their wines primarily on the coast, but also ship their wines.

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