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Our Award-Winning Spicy Pizza Sauce

Released in November of 2021, our spicy pizza sauce is a nod to my husband's wonderful Italian family, who cook most things from scratch. In August of 2022, we were awarded 2nd Place in the Condiment category of an annual state-wide competition, hosted by NC Specialty Foods.


When I moved to North Carolina, we started making pizza at home and came up with our own sauce, using the bounty of fresh herbs, tomatoes, garlic, and onions grown here in our state. I happen to like spice and decided to add an extra kick to my sauce with serrano peppers and red pepper flakes. The sauce has a zip, but the heat level is manageable. We also use it as an addition to our homemade marinara, chili, meatloaf, and to dip cheese sticks and a variety of fried snacks.


We look forward to customers trying this along with our dressing for a fun Italian night at home. 

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