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Mother in Kitchen

Origin Story

The name Celebration Time is in honor of my late mother "BC" (pictured here in the kitchen). She brought us into the kitchen to be her helpers as soon as we were able to walk and instilled in us a love of cooking for gatherings large & small. Her motto was : "Surround Yourself with People who CELEBRATE you, not tolerate you!".


I originally developed this product, because we have many family members with heart disease and diabetes, who struggled to find a salad dressing that was low in sugar, sodium, and calories, without compromising taste. 


In 2020, we started selling at local North Carolina Farmers Markets and specialty food stores. We've tried Celebration Time in a variety of ways and discovered it is not only a tasty salad dressing, but also a wonderful dip and marinade. We've included a comprehensive list of uses on the Nutrition Info tab. 


My hope is that you will use this product in a variety of ways and treat EVERY day as a Celebration!

My Philosophy

Julia Child once said "People who love to eat are always the best people". I happen to be one of those people and nothing makes me happier than cooking for & breaking bread with the people I love. By extension, Celebration Time Dressing, Dip, and Marinade was originally made for loved ones, but is now being shared with customers throughout the country. I could not be happier to share this product with the public! 

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